Graduation Photos and Dreams

The best gift you could ever give

“The best gift you could ever give me” Vilma said to me once we took her graduation pictures in Helsinki few weeks back. Why is she thanking me, I kept wondering. This is something that I love to do, in a place that I’ve always wanted to visit.

In that moment, there was no need to thank me, it felt like I was enjoying photography more than I had done in last couple of months.

IMG_7927-1Once we were done, she started asking who is going to take my graduation photos. I have never thought about that. At this point, even the graduation feels like million years away and so does the graduation photos that I am not going to feel comfortable posing in.
I have spent the last five years in the university, passed all my courses with good grades last fall, but still graduation feels like million years away. Maybe after I am closer to finishing my thesis is when I start wondering about my pictures, maybe.


Congratulations to Vilma for becoming Master of Science in Economics. Congratulations also to all my other friends who are graduating today.


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