Thoughts about Jyväskylä

We thought about moving to Jyväskylä for a good while.

IMG_8550-5.jpgIt is Artos hometown and therefore was one of our options where to start building our life. It is one of the most beautiful and exciting summer cities in Finland.

You have a lake, a harbour, centrum and Yläkaupunki which is something like Kallio, but a little bit smaller and a little bit more peaceful. You have events throughout the summertime and when you get bored with the city life, you have two national parks and countless number of forests and hills nearby.

Remu enjoying Jyväskylä

IMG_8552-7It would have been only three hours’ drive away (or about three hours by train) from the capital of Finland and my parents’, meaning I could visit my family and friends on a weekend trips.

Despite all the good qualities of this beautiful city, we decided not to move here.

We actually even do not know why. Maybe it is something more adventurous what we are looking for or due to the plans we made before moving to Sweden.

Or maybe it is our love for Lapland.



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