Saying Goodbye: We’re Moving Again


It’s been a chaos of a week. Not only have I traveled around 2000 kilometers, but I have packed all my property in two different places, stayed in four different places and had high fewer while doing it. When I started my journey to Southern Finland to pack my belongings there I had time and energy to write down my thoughts about leaving Sweden.


Exactly six months ago we started dads Skoda Superb at my parents’ place to drive 900 kilometers to Swedish Lapland. I was about to move there. Today we started our car at our soon to be ex-home so we could say goodbye to this phase in our lives. Or to be more accurate, to say hello to whole new one.

As I am traveling the same 900 kilometers to get my stuff from the storage place called my parents’ house I feel sad and anxious.

This phase in Sweden definitely was not easy in our lives. There were a lot of ups and downs. I had days that I felt I couldn’t handle the downs anymore. I felt I had made a huge mistake moving there and by that giving up on my security. I hoped many times that we could move on sooner, but we were stuck in this beautiful lonely place.

Maybe it is because memories grow sweeter in time that now when it is time to move on I feel saddened by the thought of leaving. Or is it because this is the first place after my childhood house that has ever actually felt like home?


This is the place where we met, where we struggled to finally understand that we can handle everything together. This is a place where I made punch of good friends and struggled just to finally understand that I can survive also on my own. This is a place where Remu grew up in, a place that had my heart.

So goodbye Swedish Lapland, make room for our new phase in Finnish one!



    1. That sounds even harder than my last 7 days! Luckily it is worth it in the end. Our house is feeling already super cosy and I’ll be posting about our new house in a couple of days!

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