Otsamotunturi – Lapland Road Trip Part 1

Just after midsummer me and my friend Toni started our caravan towards the coolest places of Lapland. Seven days and seven different communes along our road trip showed us the hidden gems of Lappish nature. Some of the places were pretty familiar for us, but as two adventurers living in Lapland we wanted to use this opportunity to discover new hidden gems from our home province. This one is about Otsamotunturi, fell in Inari commune.

The day was pretty moody. Clouds were hanging above the small local restaurant in Inari village as we were planning our activities for the evening. We asked our local friend for advice. From various options we decided to do a small hike up to Otsamo fell, just twenty-minute ride outside the village. We both were longing for altitude and views rather than wooded trails and rapids, so the choice was obvious and unanimous.

In a small rain we began our journey walking fast. After 30-something minutes we reached the treeline that opened wide views across the region. Small wind blew away the mosquitoes and made it possible for me to concentrate on the beauty of the nature first time in weeks. 

On the top of the fell stood a deserted hut where we warmed up and had our usual evening coffee. When a family of five children reached the hut, it was time for us to continue. Though it had promised sunshine for the night, it was still cloudy when we were packing our bags. Just after walking 50 meters away from the hut the sky started clearing, painting the scenery in all the colours of sunset.

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