Snow Measurements at Svanstein Ski

Today was the first day I got to spend time outside for more than five minutes

A week ago we got a puppy (I’ll tell about him later) and today was the first day I got to spend time outside for more than five minutes in a row. The puppy definitely does not like the cold and he pees or poops and back inside we go. Today we put him in his puppy cage and headed out to the top to measure the snow.
It was minus 23 degrees today when we started the snowmobile. Snowboarding pants, shoes and glasses on with the warmest jacket and gloves I own we took the slope up to the top. Before today we did not have proper snow measurements, but the snow has been measured by jumping off of the snowmobile, that does not work by the way.
LiftThough it was just for a couple of hours that we spent outside, but for me being a full time puppysitter it felt like much more. The fresh air gave me so much energy and happiness! (Do not get me wrong, the puppy gives me energy too, but sometimes also takes away a lot) Actually, after I edited the video, we were not satisfied with one specific shot and unfortunately we had to go out again and shoot it once more.

The results of the measurements
  • Valley: 75 cm
  • Top (open field): 80 cm
  • Top (forest): 110 cm
  • Half way to the top: 100 cm


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