Northern Lights: Svanstein, Sweden

r_MG_3893In the early November I saw probably the best northern lights I have ever seen! As a photo enthusiast I had been waiting for the northern lights for months already, only every time I was up north earlier it was way too cloudy to shoot anything.


So, as I had been waiting for this particular moment, I thought I was well prepared and ready for the upcoming challenge, little did I know how hard that was (FYI, this was my first try ever to shoot the northern lights).

I had read about shooting northern lights many times, and in theory I knew what I was doing. Still, when the moment came, I was not prepared at all. The best show was about two minutes long and I had the wrong exposure and ISO for the first two shots (so nothing to show there). After the moment went and all I got was the lousy shots, my mind cleared so I could think about the theory I had so many times read about.

All in all, the shots are not as great as they could be, but I am happy with these. When I finally calmed down to think about what I was doing, I learned so much. I had to think about everything I have ever known about shooting with manual, and fast.

So, please enjoy these pics and comment if you feel like it.



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