How I Feel About Moving to Sweden?

I believe people are already calming down for Christmas and are spending time with their families, but not me. My Christmas started with emptying my old apartment and running round in circles for no particular reason but stress.

This stress I am implying, comes from my weird holiday plans to move to Sweden. I am moving in with my boyfriend, starting a traineeship in a ski centre and getting a puppy.

So I am moving to Sweden.



I have always lived in a city and always lived in Finland, but starting next week I’ll be living in Sweden. Actually, I am moving in a village of 66 people, with the closest grocery store somewhat 30 kilometres away.This change is somewhat familiar to me since I’ve been moving around in Finland eight times within the last five years, but somewhat completely new at the same time, since I know basically no one there and as the village constructs from 66 people, the changes to get to know someone might seem a little off.

I’ve tried explaining myself, what it is that I am actually stressing about here. Some of that is me always leaving things to the last minute, some is me maybe not fitting in to this new environment that I have always dreamt about, some I cannot recognize yet. Do not get me wrong, I also get waves of excitement and cannot sleep because I am dreaming about all the cool stuff I get to do.

Today I am trying to get the calm feeling about this. The one that is going to let me enjoy Christmas with my family but letting me be happy about my move to Sweden.


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