Remu is our puppy born in November 2017. He is a mix of five different breeds.
  • His mother is a mix of English Setter, German Shepard and Bernese Shepard weighing about 35-40 kilos.
  • His father is a mix of Rottweiler and Finnish hound weighing about 50 kilos.

We call Remu powder puppy since he was born during really snowy winter. We wanted to call him Räkä (Finnish word for bugger), but the breeder made us change our mind. The night before we got him, we had to come up with another name. We thought everything: Tiko, Riki, Piki, Reetu, Ykä, but nothing seemed to fit him. He had red collar then, so we turned to Redi, but it still didn’t feel quite right. We started brainstorming and finally settled to Remu.

Remuta is Finnish verb for raving or raging, being crazy all around. In that sense the name fits only partly. Remu is super calm when a lot is happening around him, he relaxes easily and is more curious about his surroundings than people and other dogs. Still when he is praised calm it makes me laugh, because at home he is pain in the ass driving us crazy by hanging on our legs (read: biting our legs and hands for attention) and wandering around trying to find something to destroy.


9 weeks
4 months


6 months


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