Tree rides

There has been a lot happening in the ski & shred resort. One of the most fun events of the season is the tree ride competition. Peoples skills are evaluated through speed and style. They compete in five series: Skiing – Male Skiing – Female Snowboarding – Male Snowboarding – Female Powsurf – Bindingless and [...]

Remu The Powder Puppy

We’ve had the most exciting (and exhausting) week. We finally got the puppy! Remu is a mix of Rottweiler, Finnish Hound, German Shephard, Bernese Shephard and English Setter. He is going to grow strong and weigh about 40-50 kilos. Despite the headline “The Powder Puppy”, he hates the cold. Today was the first time he spent more [...]

Snow Measurements at Svanstein Ski

Today was the first day I got to spend time outside for more than five minutes A week ago we got a puppy (I’ll tell about him later) and today was the first day I got to spend time outside for more than five minutes in a row. The puppy definitely does not like the [...]

Shorter Days: 3 hours of daylight

Up North the daylight sifts from 12 hour days to 2 hour 30 minutes. This is where I live now. For a Finnish person the darkness of the winter is a natural thing. Since midsummer the daylight has been reducing and in the end of November the daylight was only four hours. How does it [...]

Our House in a Village of 66 People

Last night we broke in our living room. We haven’t been spending more than an hour at home since we moved in few weeks ago (except for sleeping), so this was a big thing for us. Rantajärvi is a small village in Övertorneå, Sweden with the overall population according to Wikipedia is 66 people. As [...]

Working at a Shred Resort: Powder Shooting

So I started working on Tuesday, officially. I was just (my dad’s words) “a hang around” the first half-a-week here, taking pictures and videos every now and there. So the Tuesday didn’t feel so official after all. We were supposed to have a welcome meeting for me so that I could catch up on stuff [...]

How I Feel About Moving to Sweden?

I believe people are already calming down for Christmas and are spending time with their families, but not me. My Christmas started with emptying my old apartment and running round in circles for no particular reason but stress. This stress I am implying, comes from my weird holiday plans to move to Sweden. I am [...]