Preparing for a Week in Vätsäri

The backpacks are packed, let the social media silence begin (after this).

I arrived back to Rovaniemi couple days back, and since that I’ve been packing ever since. I’ve been packing and preparing otherwise for the next six days in the wilderness area of northern Finland called Vätsäri.

This is going to be my first hike ever

This is going to be my first six days’ hike ever, so I’ve done a lot of reading about stuff. Not just my own, but Remus too.

Here’s what we have:

  • My backpack weighing 11 kilos. (Extra 200 grams for the bikini due to the other couple traveling with us. )
  • Artos (linkkis) weighing 17 kilos (3 kilos of Remus food).
  • Remus weighing 2 kilos.
The insides of my backpack (+sleeping bag)

In addition for packing and running around finding stuff for our first aid kit (that includes dogs first aid needs) and preparing all our meals, I’ve been shaving my legs, dyeing my eyebrows and eye lashes, and breaking in my new sports bra.


Yikes, hopefully we have everything we need and nobody gets hurt.

After our trip I’ll tell you more about what I actually have in my backpack, what was necessary, what was not, how did we manage with our foods and how did we manage with the eight months old puppy.

But for now, let the social media silence begin.



    1. Thank you! It was indeed a good trip. We had good possibly every weather possible during our week, heat, sunshine, rain and thunder! Hiking was easy due to the dry ground and only on our last day it rained during hiking, so our gear kept dry throughout the whole trip 🙂

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