Some Things Are Better on the Countryside

Last week I talked about missing the city, but there are a lot of things that I feel are better here on the countryside, in a small village and in Lapland. These things are starting to become a reason for me to hesitate moving back to city ever again.


Every day here feels like a vacation

What I love about the countryside and Lapland:

wpIMG_7610.jpgNature is so close. Every day here feels like a vacation of some sort. Either it feels like you’re at a cabin, next to the lake with birds singing and bugs bothering you, or it feels like you have driven 1000 kilometers to be in the Lapland for the numerous hikes and views.

wpIMG_7614You have your own privacy (in a way). Neighbours, although they are lovely and talk with you every time they see you, are almost never around. Though I must say, we have to be some kind of urban legend around here, everybody knows us… Probably because we are the only Finnish people living here and the youngest people also.

The opposite of being busy all the time. I hate that if I go back to the city and want to visit my friends, I need to plan when and what to do a month before, because everyone is so busy doing nothing, that they don’t have time to just chill and be (compared here, you maybe call when you leave home or just pull up in their yard for a cup of coffee).

The big yard. With the puppy who loves being outside 90% of the time, would be impossible to move back to the heart of the city with no yard what so ever. Here the lake is basically next to our house and sun sets and rises over it.


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