Summer in Lapland?

tempsa2IMG_7687.jpgEver since my internship at Svanstein Ski ended, we’ve been planning on moving away from Sweden. We’ve looked for houses/apartments (and I have been looking also for jobs) from Rovaniemi so we could still be in Lapland, but it seems that the prices on terraced houses are pretty high there. We also thought about Jyväkylä, but have not decided on anything.

One thing is for sure though (thank God!), we’ll be spending our summer in Lapland.

One thing is for sure though (thank God!), we’ll be spending our summer in Lapland. It is comforting to know that we do not have to move away from this house until the end of July, which means that we have still two months here.

wpIMG_7666So what does a summer in Lapland look like?

We are currently planning on a few hikes for this summer. Starting on with one night stays so Remu will get used to sleeping outside in a tent with us. After he has gotten used to that, we’ll start planning on staying two nights with three days of hiking. Our ultimate plan (if our puppy is up for it) is to get at least one week-long hike during the summer.


rempsa2IMG_7741-2.jpgWhere to?

Though we live in Sweden at the moment, most of our longer hikes will probably take place in Northern Finland (one of the many perks of living next to the boarder), but I do have one must see place in Sweden as well. I am keen on visiting national parks, but Arto insists on taking at least one longer hike on a wilderness area.

  • Urho Kekkonen National Park (Finland)
  • Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park (Finland)
  • Sarek National Park (Sweden)
  • Ånderdalen National Park (Norway)

The thing is, since I got my hiking boots our of their box where they had been for the winter, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t used them. I’ll let you know also the places further South, once I go there!


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