What I Miss from the City

wpIMG_7140I feel that I cannot say that I miss Finland, since by car Finland is only 30 kilometers away, actually just across the river and everyone here speaks Finnish (at least to us). Do not get me wrong, still this has been a great cultural shock for me and I do miss Finland. I have indeed fell in love with the country side, as I did also with Lapland a long time ago. Living here still is a lot different than what I am used to.


pppIMG_7232-EditCity living does have its perks, but there are a number of things that I do not miss at all. Instead of whining about the city, I want to focus on the stuff that I miss, but I will never get back to due to the changes that have been going on in my life.

What I miss from the city and why:

Fast food & home delivery. I am probably the laziest person ever to make food. I miss fast food places that used to be under 500 metres from my apartment, when you don’t feel like making food, just crab Subway on your way home from work. Or if I am too lazy to get up from bed or walk to the store, just deliver something home.

Shop so close you do not need to plan your weeks needs beforehand. This falls under the same category as the first one, but I don’t think I even know five different meals let alone if I want to eat those within the next week. Also when you forget to buy toilet paper you do need to drive 60 kilometers in total just for that.

People. I have talked about this, but this time I don’t even mean only my friends. I miss seeing people when I go outside. I used to watch people from my window and wonder what they are doing and thinking maybe envy their style and ask where they got their cool shoes.

Restaurants. As the spring/summer came, I really started to miss living around restaurants and terraces to hang out in.





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