Road Trip to the Lofoten: To Plan or not to Plan?

Kvalvika Beach
Have you ever been to the Lofoten?

It is possibly the most beautiful place on this side of the planet. It is actually one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in my life. It has so many things to do and  see, I decided I’d come again someday, but I did not expect it to happen so soon.

We did not plan basically anything, I think Arto packed the same morning when we left.


Last year we did kind of an extempore trip to the Lofoten. We did plan to go somewhere, since I chose my vacation days for specific period in the summer, but the idea and actual decision to go to the Lofoten came after some time. That time we did not plan basically anything. Day before leaving we did the shopping for food and picked up a tent from my parents’ house. That was actually kind of funny, I think Arto packed the same morning when we left.ma_MG_1482

Our car broke down after only 300 kilometres!

We were supposed to stay in Svanstein for one night, but our car broke down after only 300 kilometres! Luckily we were at Arto’s hometown and we knew some people who helped us out, but we had to stay one night in a hotel there and wait until the morning to get new parts. While driving the next day we (dropped Laura to Oulu and) heard that the slopes were open in Riksgränsen for the night so we picked boards and clothes from Svanstein and continued.

After a few nights at Riksgränsen we continued to the Lofoten without any plans where to go and what to do. We drove as far as we could and stayed there for two nights. The only  plan we had was to go where ever there is sunny (worked out pretty well, just look at the pictures). Though the distances were not a lot, they took a lot of time because the roads there are really curvy and small so if you are at Å, there is no point to drive back to Sanden just because it’s sunny there.

Though I like traveling with no intentions at all and be free to do what ever I want during the trip, I’ll probably do some planning the next time I’ll visit. The plan is to go in a couple of weeks, but as I know myself and Arto, we’ll make the decision two days before leaving. This is why I am now planning the possible trip.


Places at the Lofoten that I’ll visit again for sure:

  • Unstad
  • Saden
  • Å

Places that I missed the first time:

  • Reinebringen
  • Helvetestind
  • Munken
  • Ballstad Hills
  • Any of the many beaches

About everything about hiking in the Lofoten can be found from 68North! It is a website made by a Californian guy, who has moved to the Lofoten and created it just to share his beautiful photos from his journeys there. Besides all the lovely photos, it has a lot information about hike trails and different locations, camping, where and when to go, how to get around, what to wear, what to prepare for etc. It was our bible last time we were there and think it’ll be the next time we’ll go.


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