Almost the End of the Season at Svanstein Ski

We thought the season was over

We thought the season was over after last weekend. Due to the amazing snow conditions and beautiful weathers of the spring, we decided to do extempore extra weekend.

My job at this point was to make the resort look as attracting as possible. At our resort the tree rides are basically all shredded to the point that no promotion there is needed, so we decided to focus on attracting people to have park sessions.
I have once before shot at a park, so a sunny day was a struggle to me. You do see the results here, that are the best what I could do at the moment. Sweating in a black long sleeved t-shirt and jeans I hiked up the mountain to the rails and started shooting. My model, as you can see was more prepared and did not have any shirt on (lucky him..), we just wished that he wouldn’t fall down, because that would hurt.
Now I am off to off-piste sessions to Muonio, see you guys later.


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