The Amazing Cervinia: Snowboarding Next to Matterhorn

We have been doing father daughter trips to the Alps for four years now. First it was just me and my father, when I “fooled” my dad to Austria in an excuse to meet up with my childhood friend who was there for her student exchange. At that point, talking my dad into snowboarding trip was a little bit harder, but I did it, and of course we had a blast!

Talking my dad into going to the Alps the next year was much easier. Basically my words “Daaaaad, will we go again this year?” opened a Pandora’s Box as my father started babbling about his plans for that year. After that it has been an assumption that we will go to the Alps again.

Views from 3883 metres

talk about high altitude camp

This year was different since our village was in 2000 metres (in the earlier trips the village altitude has been in around 1000-1500 metres), talk about high altitude camp. I was super scared of being in such high altitude: in earlier years I had had some problems especially when low pressure weather or getting at the highest point of the mountain. In the future, tip for myself or to people who wonder if they can handle the high altitude, just don’t over think it.

So to get to the village, we drove 1500 metres up (vertical) in a teeny tiny serpentine road in pitch dark weather (on a bus). I usually don’t get motion sickness, but I must say that I was super frightened this time.


The first day didn’t look too good. We got up the first chairlift in a fog and we did not see even the next chair. Still, we decided that we’d take the guided tour as it is included in STS Alppimatkat travel package. We got up the next chairlift with Swedish guide and were talking about Matterhorn, wondering where it is. My dad tried to guess it pointing in a totally wrong direction. The guide kept laughing at us, but as we almost reached the top of that chairlift the sky opened and we saw the Matterhorn standing there proud making us go quite in its beauty.


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