Take a Hike: Snow Shoeing with the Doggos

It has been a long time since I’ve been talking about Remu. Last time I told that he does not like the outdoors. Well that was two months ago and he’s pretty much grown since then, and he loves it! rsIMG_8504.jpg
We’ve had Remus mother staying here since the weekend and we’ve been out with the dogs a lot (since you know, mother is all grown up and needs a little bit more activity in her life than Remu at the moment).

the hike must have been something around ten kilometres with 200 metres vertical

srIMG_5753.jpgBut yes, we took the snow shoes and hiked up to some hill. I am not sure of the name, but the hike must have been something around ten kilometres with 200 metres vertical. After the first 200 metres or so I already had to stop for a sip of water and take some clothes off. Remu and Söpö kept running wild back and forth like “what’s the hold up?

The deep snow, even with snow shoes on, is pretty hard to hike on. Also having a lot of layers on (or at that point in the backpack) and camera with makes the hike even heavier and sweatier. But of course one needs camera while hiking. So after hiking for an hour, I was feeling kind of done, but Arto wanted to summit the hill so we continued.
Finally reaching the top and taking a sip of wine in the sunset was a good reward for the hike. Söpö would have continued for hours I think. Still at the top of the hill she was running around and letting us know that standing still at the top was boring. Remu still kept running with Söpö, but when we got back home he fell asleep immediately. We were suppose to make some good food and do some home fine dining with Arto, but after 15 minutes on the sofa watching TV and eating a bag of chips, I followed Remus example and dozed out at the sofa. We got a good 13 hours sleep.

What’s the hold up? (still after the hike)


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