Tree rides

There has been a lot happening in the ski & shred resort.

One of the most fun events of the season is the tree ride competition. Peoples skills are evaluated through speed and style. They compete in five series:

  1. Skiing – Male
  2. Skiing – Female
  3. Snowboarding – Male
  4. Snowboarding – Female
  5. Powsurf – Bindingless

and all happens in the off-piste of Svanstein.

During the tree ride event, I was there to capture the feelings of event and updating social media through pictures and stories. I started at the starting point, people were waiting for their turns and warming up. As about half of the racers had left the starting point I decided to snowboard down to capture the feelings down at the finish line: I had to do a tree ride myself.
When my co-workers asked why I wasn’t in the race myself I didn’t have a clear explanation. I had done those a lot lately, and I wasn’t too bad at it either. As I came down a different way and finally reached the finish line myself, the answer was clear: It took me at least five times more to come down the tree ride as it did for the racers. Plus, a punch of falls.

Still, despite my fallings and slow speed, I came down alive and in one piece and had fun. When taking a look at the pictures from the event weekend, it seems like other did too!


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