Our House in a Village of 66 People

Last night we broke in our living room. We haven’t been spending more than an hour at home since we moved in few weeks ago (except for sleeping), so this was a big thing for us.

Rantajärvi is a small village in Övertorneå, Sweden with the overall population according to Wikipedia is 66 people. As a former city girl I would call it small. I am used to having all the services right next to me; pick up food, grocery store(s), transportation etc. This village has none of those, but it does have is a church, bus stop, and people who still do not wave me back when I am driving.

hattuteline_IMG_8268Our house is someone’s grandparents old house that is nowadays used as a hunting cabin in the fall and it has been empty for most of the year. Our small rent includes water, snow ploughing and the trashes are taken away sometimes (now once since we have been living there according to our garbage bin outside).

The water is not drinkable. At first we thought that it had been standing way too long in a water boiler, but we’ve noticed that the rusty smell does not go away even if we have a shower. Just to be sure, we bring spring water from the resort with us in a can every now and then.
We also still have not found our mail box as there is no mail box with the street number that it is our rent contract. I’ll keep you posted on that, but for now we are going to enjoy our few days off.portaat_IMG_8257


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