Working at a Shred Resort: Powder Shooting

So I started working on Tuesday, officially. I was just (my dad’s words) “a hang around” the first half-a-week here, taking pictures and videos every now and there. So the Tuesday didn’t feel so official after all. We were supposed to have a welcome meeting for me so that I could catch up on stuff more easily. Of course, with the high season going on it did not happen and I was just thrown to the deep end of the pool with no water wings. I was surprised my-self, that I actually got so much done the first day.

I was thrown way deeper: into the powder.

Also the second day started with no instructions at all. Despite that, I was thrown way deeper: into the powder. In the morning there was a guided tour for two kiddos and my first official photoshoot gig was to shoot the tour in the powder as they went tree riding. (I was so psyched!)


I was armpits deep in the powder, terrified I’d miss the moment and fail on my first gig.

No matter how cool it sounds to have a little photoshoot in the powder with kiddos and a legend snowboarder, it was not that for me. Psyched, yes! But I have never been riding in real powder or taken proper snowboarding/skiing pictures. It has been snowing for 80 –90 centimetres with basically no plus degrees the whole winter. It means that if you fall down, you struggle to get out if you get out at all. I actually had to take my board off and yes, I was armpits deep in the powder, terrified I’d miss the moment and fail on my first gig.

I wonder if this is going to be hanging on someones bedroom wall

I like the pics and as said, this was my second day, still training.I send the pictures also to the mother of the two boys that had the guided tour and again I am psyched, they want to hang the pictures on the bedroom walls at home! That would be the first for me.boys_IMG_4695Overall, things are sailing smoothly here. I think I’ll survive after all.


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